New age vehicles are manufactured with high reliability, safety and maximum resale value. If you are a diligent car owner, you probably take good care of your car in order to get a worthy amount during re-selling. Investing in efficient Pre-Sale Car Detailing services in Sydney can save you a lot of time and efforts.

Keeping in consideration, there are a million ways to increase the vehicle’s market resale value. Here are some:

1. Regular Maintenance Is The Key!

Regular maintenance keeps your car in best shape, extending its life with increased resale value. Poor maintenance and negligence can drop a car’s worth. A well-maintained car can reflect your taste and personality. Oil changes, washing, polishing, denting and painting of your car is required for a smooth run. With potential Car Detailing services in Sydney, car care becomes easy and hassle-free.

2. Make a “Detailing” Inventory

Keep all maintenance records for future purposes as a potential buyer will appreciate knowing the vehicle’s history. Validate what repairs are falling under warranty before you sell off your car. A vehicle with 2-year warranty will certainly grab more market attention and offer a better value. Detailed record keeping gives you a clear picture that you are investing in a right place.


3. Focus on Safety Features

New age cars are designed to last longer, but keeping a tab on safety features can be beneficial. Upgraded anti-collision quality leads to less accidents and collateral damages. In case your car suffers unwanted dents, be sure to have it fixed properly. Repaired SUV’s are easy to spot, so opt for Pre Sale Car Detailing services in Sydney for better valuation while selling.

4. Maintaining Exteriors

Keep your car’s exterior clean, get regular car washes and painting under a detailed supervision. Clean and conditioned leather can increase the overall appearance of the car. Window tint blocks harmful UV rays from damaging the leather. Also, new floor mats keep the carpet from getting dirty and muddy.


5. Internal Add-Ons

Interior enhancements do wonders in boosting resale value! Think twice before investing in light coloured-car model as it requires extra care. Sunroofs, leather interior, climate control, and satellite navigation features need regular maintenance without any fail.