Regular Pool Care and upkeep forms an integral part for maintaining crystal-clear water. Other than natural factors, there are variable conditions which can hamper the quality and overall show of the pool. Following mentioned are numerous tips one can use to manage the hygienic levels of a swimming pool:

Avoid inserting any metallic tool into the water, as they can cause staining and rusting. This results in stained pool water, and can hamper the hygiene levels of the pool. A stain and scale remover must be used regularly to prevent any possible after-effects.

Remember to keep a tab on pool filters every now and then in order to prevent any future uncertainties, like clogging or non-functioning. Remove any debris, hair strands, paper etc. for better results.

Kill bacteria and other micro-organisms using chlorine products, and sanitize the pool. Chlorinated Tablets 3”, Chlorinated Tablets 1”, Skimmer Sticks, Multi-functional Chlorinating Granules and much more are some products which are available in market for better results.


Tone down alkalinity water levels by adding a pint of muriatic acid. This will balance out any harmful side effects.

Apart from chlorine tabs, hire a professional and follow the advent process of chlorination. In case of Regular Pool Care and maintenance, eliminate germs and algae while keeping a check on the quality.


Chemical analyses must be maintained between the mentioned numbers:

  • Chorine Residual: 1.0 to 1.5 ppm; 2.0 in summer with ozone, 3.0 without ozone
  • Alkalinity: 80 to 120 ppm
  • PH: 7.2 to 7.8
  • Combined Chlorine: 0 ppm

While on a pool cleaning spree, take a step forward and opt for a shock treatment. Use non-chlorine based shock treatments for effective outcomes.


Keep a regular check up on your pool’s condition in order to balance out sanitization levels. See if there are any colour changes from the past week, and act accordingly.

Maintaining a proper level of calcium hardness in pool can fluctuate between 175-225 ppm (vinyl pools) and 200- 250 ppm (concrete pools). For Regular Pool Care, hire an expert who can excel in such areas.